Each year we want you to spend the New Year's Eve in the most grandious European building and one of the rarest in the whole world, The Palace of Parliament.
Each year we offer you a challenging theme party.
This year – a very noble theme: King or Queen, Prince or Princess for a night. New Year's Eve Party at the Palace!
You can become whoever you wish to be, and act like the character, inviting you to wear, accessorize and even wear the proper make-up. Besides, the Master of ceremonies will introduce you in the Ballroom atmosphere, with a royal or noble title of your choice.
The selected menus are inspired by famous royal events, and the stage programme will complete the royal atmosphere for you.
You are thus invited – as in the royal Palace Balls – to dance your way to the New Year's Eve Royal Party!
Ladies and Gentlemen, please act like a King, a Queen Prince or Princess at our Royal-themed Party!

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